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We are your partner for studies and vocational training in the area of digital transformation and e-commerce

E-Commerce Experience and Knowledge United

The Digital Business School is an education project of the e-commerce agency dotSource.

The Digital Business School (DBS) was founded in 2015 and provides executive, IT, sales-, and marketing- specialists with professional development in e-commerce management, facing the challenges of the digital changeover with qualified personnel.

Our programme offers the Certification Courses »E-Commerce Manager« and »Digital Transformation Architect«.

Experts & lecturers

Martin Groß-Albenhausen

Vice CEO, Bundesverband E-Commerce & Versandhandel Deutschland e.V.

Topics: e-commerce and multi-channel strategy, positioning, pricing and business model development

Dr. Kai Hudetz

Managing Director of IFH Institute for Trade Research GmbH and associated ECC Cologne

Topics: strategy development and implementation

Jochen Krisch

Industry Analyst & Consultant

Topics: e-commerce trends & best practices, trading and sales concepts

Harald Gögl

Managing Director launchlabs GmbH, Innovation Consultant

Topic: Design Thinking

Christian Müller

Founder / Agile Coach proagile.de

Topics: Management in times of digital change, new forms of communication & collaboration

Oliver Dahms

Managing partner DAHMS solutions GmbH

Topics: logistics, fulfillment, returns management

Charles T. Julien


Founder (of Simplefive, among others), Managing Director, Consultant, Lecturer

Topics: Business models from Silicon Valley, success factors of start-ups

Christian Malik

Founder and Managing Director of dotSource GmbH

Topics: digitalisation, e-commerce trends, challenges for the digital company, change management

Christian Otto Grötsch

Founder and Managing Director of dotSource GmbH

Topics: strategies for the implementation of new business models, change processes and challenges in marketing, sales, purchasing, logistics and IT

Frank Ertel

Managing Director, dotSource GmbH

Topics: project delivery, application management and technology

Beatrice Jähne  

Digital Marketing Manager, dotSource GmbH

Topics: customer journey, conversion optimisation, online marketing strategies, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing

André Wolf

Team Leader Strategy, Digital Marketing & UX, dotSource GmbH

Topics: technologies, system architectures, system evaluation and system selection, IT operations

Emanuele Pasin

Digital Marketing Manager, dotSource GmbH

Topics: search engine optimisation, conversion optimisation, web analytics

Annekathrin Grundmann

Annekathrin Grundmann  

Digital Marketing Manager, dotSource GmbH

Topics: search engine advertising, social media marketing, social ads

Saskia Philips

Digital Marketing Manager, dotSource GmbH

Topic: search engine advertising, social ads

Antje Engstler

Senior Art Director/Team Leader User Experience Design, dotSource GmbH

Topics: user experience, design, information architecture

Carsten Behr  

Usability / UX Professional, dotSource GmbH

Topics: Platforms, Mobile Usability, Website Testing

Oliver Kling 

Digital Analyst, dotSource GmbH / Digital Business Blogger, handelskraft.de

Topics: digital trends, new technologies and business models

Tino Machts

Project Manager, dotSource GmbH

Topics: project management, product information management, digital communication and collaboration tools

Thomas Böhme

Team Leader CRM, dotSource GmbH

Topics: customer relationship management, marketing automation

Cornelia Stanke

Legal Counsel, dotSource GmbH

Topics: Legal aspects of enterprise resource planning

dotSource GmbH

We digitalise marketing, sales and services

We at dotSource have been supporting companies from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in their digital transformation and the internet presentation of their brands since 2006.

From user-centered e-commerce platforms through sophisticated customer relationship and product data management right up to targeted online marketing measures, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of services and holistic expertise across all aspects of the digitalisation of marketing, sales and services.

With our groundbreaking solutions, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the leading digital agencies in German-speaking Europe and are now among the top 15 largest companies in the industry.

We see ourselves as a partner to our clients, whose individual needs and requirements flow into the project process right from the first idea. Companies with large, sometimes multinational online projects, such as Swarovski, Cornelsen, hagebau, Würth, and Music Store, rely on our expertise in terms of strategy consulting, development and implementation of cutting-edge digital concepts.

With many trendsetting publications and events, such as the blog Handelskraft.com, our annual Trend Book, and the Handelskraft Conference, we network branch know-how and provide information on current tendencies and perspectives in digital business. In 2015 we launched Digital Business School in order to offer professionals and executives in-depth preparation for the challenges of digital transformation in their companies.

The over 170-strong team of our owner-run company assures sustainable success in digital business through a structured approach, personal consulting and high dynamics.

Jena: Birthplace of e-commerce and high-tech location with a high quality of life

The Digital Business School headquarters is located in Jena, Thuringia. A majority of professional development events and seminars are held here. That Jena is closely linked to the topics of digitalisation and e-commerce, can be seen from afar: The Jentower is not only the tallest office building of the new Länder, but also the location of the e-commerce solution Intershop - the first e-commerce software worldwide.

The city of about 110,000 inhabitants is also known for the international success stories of Zeiss, SCHOTT, and Jenoptik. Jena is home to international companies as well as numerous small and medium businesses.

Also in terms of culture, sports, and nature Jena has much to offer.

The Digital Business School roof terrace is ideal for enjoying the summer festival "Kulturarena". Digital Business School participants can look forward to visiting the pub mile "Wagnergasse". For the perfect end of the working day, a stroll through the Jena Paradiespark is worthwile, as it lives up to its name with lots of greenery, the Saale, the bar "Strand 22" and volleyball courts.