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Study and Professional Development for Leaders and Employees in E-Commerce

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We support you in taking on new challenges in the fields of digitalisation and e-commerce.
In cooperation with Steinbeis Technology Group we have launched the Digital Business School which offers your employees training as certified »e-commerce managers«.  Additionally, the successful completion of the certification course enables you to access e-commerce study programmes


Certificate of
»E-Commerce Management«

In the framework of a 24 day course, we lead you through the process chain of digital transformation.


»Executive Training«

In individual workshops aimed at decision-makers and executives we support you in the development of a digital structure.

E-Commerce Degree (B.Eng.)

The e-commerce degree at the Steinbeis Technical University Berlin provides you with insights into all areas of e-commerce and optimal preparation for work in an international e-commerce company.

E-business is not an issue that can only be taken on by individuals or a department in the company. It is essential to increase all divisions' awareness of this issue. Everyone who has understood this and is also engaging with the general market development should have enough arguments to get the entire staff fit. The seminar trains you as an e-business all-rounder, which I really liked.

Max Bremer, International Coordinator for E-Business, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

Nowadays companies can't ignore the rapid development of e-business any longer. It is essential that employees are specially trained in this area. The seminar provides a vast amount of practical knowledge and methods in a collegial atmosphere - Perfect!

Alexander Pöllen, Information Technology Officer, Hengstenberg Fahrzeug- & Motorenteile GmbH

I was able to acquire a lot of practical knowledge; I gathered new ideas and recognized backgrounds and correlations in a new way. Many thanks for this absolutely successful seminar!

Sabrina Stumpf, Distribution Marketing/E-Business, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

The Digital Changeover Needs Qualified Personnel

Companies have changed more quickly in the past years than during the industrial revolution.  The reason is increasing digitalisation. This is putting processes, value creation chains, and even entire organisational structures to the test, and forcing companies to change their perspective to avoid falling behind.

On the road to a digital future, companies don’t just need the courage and determination to replace processes, but also qualified staff to bring in new ideas and advance new fields of business.

However, there is a shortage of such specialists in Germany and Europe. A background in business is often insufficient for the highly complex and relatively new discipline of digitalisation.

This is why traders and manufacturers from all industries need professional training and development opportunities, in order to cover their personnel needs and to be able to overcome the challenges of the digital transformation.

The Digital Business School Trains the Specialists of Tomorrow


The Digital Business School (DBS) is a joint venture of the e-commerce agency dotSource and the Steinbeis Technology Group. The DBS combines well-founded knowledge won from research, academics, and years of practical experience.

Thanks to this knowledge transfer, DBS is able to offer executive, IT, sales, and marketing specialists, as well as other innovators, unique professional development programs and courses of study.

These empower you to extend your national and international e-commerce business and actively shape the digital transformation within your company. Digital business success can be learned and DBS paves the way.

Target Groups

  • Companies, leaders, and innovators
  • Specialists from the areas of IT, development, sales, and marketing
  • Young professionals

Innovative Professional Development and Courses of Study for Discerning Minds

  • Practically oriented seminars and modules
  • Lecturers specialising in e-commerce
  • Branch experts
  • Training and Implementation of current business cases
  • Interaction and exchange of experiences in small groups


Supervision from e-commerce experts such as Martin Groß-Albenhausen (bevh), Dr. Kai Hudetz (ECC Cologne), and Martin Rätze (Trusted Shops)

Exchange with other leading national and international companies in small groups of maximum 15 people

Immediate application of your new knowledge in your company directly after each thematic block