Optimisation and Further Development

This thematic block is being offered for 4 consecutive days.


1st DAY

Technical Fundamentals

Controlling and KPIs

KPI Management

2nd DAY

Web Controlling and Analytics

Use of Web Beacons and Hybrid Methods

Overview of Providers

Analysis of View Measures and Reporting

Success Monitoring through KPIs

3rd DAY

Requirement Analysis, Conception, and Project Plan

Tracking Concept, Rollout Planning

Site Integration, Technical Specification and Requirements

4th DAY

Optimisation Measures and Result Interpretation

Fundamentals of Website Testing

Preparation, Implementation, and Evaluation of Tests, Tools

Target Skills


You will gain the following competencies:

to develop concepts for web analytics and controlling and to take decisions on resource usage and budget on this basis

to evaluate web analytics and web controllings adequately to solve the problem as well as to select them

to configure and use web analytics instruments, tools, and software in the context of company-specific requirements partly autonomous