Certification »E-Commerce Manager«

Give your company a competitive advantage

Becomes a Trail Blazer for the Digital Change

Companies are currently under a lot of pressure to innovate. Those wanting to still have successful business models in 5 to 10 years’ time can’t get around the topic of digitalisation and e-commerce.

This is why companies are urgently looking for innovative staff who are also capable of breaking out of old structures and processes, and replacing them with intelligent digital solutions. This is exactly what the Certification »E-Commerce Manager« enables you to do.

The 6 thematic blocks of the 12 month program include the areas of strategy, goal setting, structure, design, sales, shop management, optimisation, continuing development, and marketing. This provides you with well-grounded, practical, and relevant knowledge of the entire digital transformation process chain.

Learn to Succeed in Digital Business – with the Certification »E-Commerce Manager«

Zertifikat E-Commerce Manager
  • Mediation of current market demands and trends
  • Comprehensive management skills for the development and implementation of a digital strategy
  • Work-through of a (company related) business case
  • Specialisation in B2C and/or B2B e-commerce
  • Application of practically relevant analysis and appraisal methods
  • Technical knowledge of leading shop systems
  • Basics of master data and supply chain management
  • In-depth knowledge of web controlling and web analytics
  • The essentials of the customer journey, user interface designs, mobile usability, und conversion optimisation

The Certification »E-Commerce Manager« is right for you, if...

  • You are a company executive or manager, IT- marketing- or sales specialist in a B2C or B2B enterprise
  • You want to drive the digital changeover in your company
  • You want to built-up the area of e-commerce and multichannel commerce
  • You want to gain comprehensive exchanges of knowledge with branch experts
  • You want to be able to immediately apply your new knowledge in your company directly after each thematic block
  • You will bring commitment and enthusiasm for the seminars with you
  • You enjoy working in small groups
  • You are internet savvy and excited about new trends and developments

Excellent Supervision from Long-Time Branch Experts

Martin Groß-Albenhausen

Vice CEO, Bundesverband E-Commerce & Versandhandel Deutschland e.V.

Topics: e-commerce and multi-channel strategy, positioning, pricing and business model development

Dr. Kai Hudetz

Managing Director of IFH Institute for Trade Research GmbH and associated ECC Cologne

Topics: strategy development and implementation

Harald Gögl

Managing Director launchlabs GmbH, Innovation Consultant

Topic: Design Thinking

Oliver Dahms

Managing partner DAHMS solutions GmbH

Topics: logistics, fulfillment, returns management

Christian Otto Grötsch

Founder and Managing Director of dotSource GmbH

Topics: strategies for the implementation of new business models, change processes and challenges in marketing, sales, purchasing, logistics and IT

Christian Malik

Founder and Managing Director of dotSource GmbH

Topics: digitalisation, e-commerce trends, challenges for the digital company, change management

André Wolf

Team Leader Strategy, Digital Marketing & UX, dotSource GmbH

Topics: technologies, system architectures, system evaluation and system selection, IT operations

Beatrice Jähne  

Digital Marketing Manager, dotSource GmbH

Topics: customer journey, conversion optimisation, online marketing strategies, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing

Emanuele Pasin

Digital Marketing Manager, dotSource GmbH

Topics: search engine optimisation, conversion optimisation, web analytics

Annekathrin Grundmann

Annekathrin Grundmann  

Digital Marketing Manager, dotSource GmbH

Topics: search engine advertising, social media marketing, social ads

Saskia Philips

Digital Marketing Manager, dotSource GmbH

Topic: search engine advertising, social ads

Antje Engstler

Senior Art Director/Team Leader User Experience Design, dotSource GmbH

Topics: user experience, design, information architecture

Carsten Behr  

Usability / UX Professional, dotSource GmbH

Topics: Platforms, Mobile Usability, Website Testing

Tino Machts

Project Manager, dotSource GmbH

Topics: project management, product information management, digital communication and collaboration tools

Oliver Kling 

Digital Analyst, dotSource GmbH / Digital Business Blogger, handelskraft.de

Topics: digital trends, new technologies and business models

Cornelia Stanke

Legal Counsel, dotSource GmbH

Topics: Legal aspects of enterprise resource planning

Thomas Böhme

Team Leader CRM, dotSource GmbH

Topics: customer relationship management, marketing automation


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