Strategy and Goals

This thematic block is being offered for 3 consecutive days.

Content of this Thematic Block

1st day

Introduction to e-business

Strategies and business models in e-business

Preparation and basic strategies, positioning, price and service management

Applications for e-commerce (online shops, online procurement, online market places, online auctions)

2nd day

Platforms and E-Commerce systems

System architecture in e-business

IT Services/Hosting

Security and trust in e-business (Risk)

3rd day

Fundamentals of the Customer Journey

Aims and Benefits


Customer Touchpoints

Target Skills


You will gain the following competencies:

Transaction and support of electronic business processes on the basis of e-business technologies.

Analysis of E-Commerce systems such as e-shops, e-procurement, e-market place systems and their functional characteristics for the support of various commercial transactions within a value creation train.

An overview of concepts for the integrated execution of all a company’s automatable business processes with the help of information and communication technologies

Classification and understanding of practical problems in relation to economic, information technical and e-commerce specific contexts

You are able to apply your own theoretical knowledge to the development and implementation of business models in the internet.